How can you benefit?

Are you registered with a mutual health insurance scheme? We will send them your bill. You simply pay your share by Bancontact or credit card. If you receive payments from the CPAS, we will invoice them directly. If you benefit from a flat rate for seeing a doctor, we will send the bill to your doctor's practice. Foreign nationals may pay by credit card. You will receive a document that should entitle you to a refund in your home country (from your national social security system for EU citizens, or from your private insurance).

Putting things right for you

Has something just gone wrong? It's late, or the middle of the weekend, your child is running a temperature, or you've put your back out. You're in a situation where you just can't afford to wait to consult your GP during normal hours, and you don't want to sit around for hours in a hospital casualty department.
Try our duty doctor system, set up by a group of family doctors, including perhaps your own; in evenings and during weekends, they are on hand to provide you with immediate care. Our system offers several advantages.


Whatever your current personal situation, you are entitled to care from an Athena duty doctor.
Whether you are just visiting Belgium from abroad, have a very low income, or simply no cash with you, we have the solution.